Career Seeker Services

PA CareerLink® offers a variety of free career development services to help you successfully explore the path to gainful employment.

Upon helping you to determine your professional skills and talents, a customized career plan will be created for you.
Numerous career workshops along with professional skills refresher programs are offered. Fully financed job training programs are also available.
Career development experts are ready to assist in enhancing your interviewing skills and helping you develop a polished professional resume.
Our dedicated team will work with you to find a job that matches your skills and background.
Veterans and eligible spouses receive "priority of service" for all employment programs funded by the US Dept. of Labor. Local Veterans' Employment Representatives facilitate employment, job training and placement for all veterans. Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists provide intensive services to disabled veterans and those with significant employment barriers.
Participate in our supplementary programs for jobseekers with "special circumstances".